Brilliant Hundred by Nasir Jamshed 104 Runs of 64 Balls in Hair Cup T20-HD September 11, 2015-

  • 9 years ago
Watch Nasir Jamshed 104 Runs of 64 Balls in Hair Cup T20 2015-Nasir has lost a lot of weight and looks in good shape as compared to his last appearances in domestic and international cricket. The weight loss has worked for the left hander and after a long time Nasir struck a conclusive innings in any form of cricket.

Nasir was failing a lot in the previous tournaments, he had a few mentionable scores and apart from them there was nothing but lame shots and ugly fielding from the left hander. But yesterday it was a different story for him.

Nasir who lost his place in the Lahore division team had to move towards Rawalpindi where he was given a place in the opening slot with Owais Zia. Nasir had again an ordinary start to the tournament but after yesterday’s innings he will surely gain a lot of confidence.

Nasir a briskly 61 balls century which also is the first for the tournament as well. He was calm and composed and when he struck three fours from the first three balls of the match, it appeared that the day was his.

Nasir scored an unbeaten 104 runs of 61 balls in which he collected 13 furs and 2 sixes. Nasir right from the word go went after the Karachi white bowlers. Up front he stroked three back to back fours to Mir who opened the proceedings for Whites with the new ball-