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The voices of almighty, The voices of holy ghost: English Christian Music Pop Rock Songs by Sourabh Kishore, Pop Rock For Humanity (with lyrics)

Sourabh Kishore
Presenting our new Christian Music Pop Rock Song in English "The Voices Of Almighty" in the praise and worship of our beloved lord Jesus Christ. The lyrics of this song are written by Sourabh Kishore (New Delhi, India). The song is composed, performed, and sung by Sourabh Kishore (Pop Rock For Humanity). The lyrics are as the following:

The voices of almighty
The voices of Holy Ghost
I hear in my dreams
I hear in my dreams
The voices from paradise
I hear Jesus calling
He is calling my name
He has a place for me
In His Mighty Kingdom

I have Nothing to offer Him
What Can I Give To Him
I am unworthy for Him
I am a Worthless Sinner
I Pray to Lord Jesus
I confess all my Sins
I love my holy ghost
Who walked the sufferings for me

His love is flowing to me
His touch of blessings and care
I feel in my dreams
I feel in my dreams
I feel his vibrations
I feel his presence in my soul
I feel his love in my soul
He will come to me sometime
And take me to His Kingdom
And take me to his kingdom
And take me to His kingdom

Original composition copyrighted internationally


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