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Mercy - Forever 1968

Mercy is an American pop group from Florida. Mercy released a hit single "Love (Can Make You Happy)", which soared to #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, and also peaked at #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart. "Love (Can Make You Happy)" was written by Jack Sigler, Jr., and this single, which was released in April 1969, reached over one million sales on July 15, and was awarded a gold record by the R.I.A.A., but was not given the actual award until October 2009.

"Love (Can Make You Happy)" was originally recorded on the small Tampa, Florida based Sundi record label, at which time it was also featured in the movie, Fireball Jungle. The B-side of the Sundi single was entitled "Fire Ball".

During the single's fast fame, an album was also released (album cover showing three girls) by a group calling themselves "The Mercy" that included the Sundi recording and several other songs that were not recorded by any of the original Mercy members. Litigation quickly ensued and this album was banned from distribution.

The song was again (re-recorded) on the Warner Brothers label (with the addition of new band members). The Warner Brothers album entitled Love Can Make You Happy peaked at #38 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.[3] Mercy had one other Billboard Hot 100 hit, the song "Forever", which reached #79 in June 1969.

Sigler earned BMI's award recognizing over two million airplays.