Molana Tariq Jameel Roshni Ka Safar bayan jumma tul wida 26th July 2014 part 2 [1of (2)

9 years ago
I have listened so many bayans of Moulana Sahab and in these bayans he told his story. He is a son of a Fudel Lord (famous but unknown for us). His parents were not tablighi at all and wish him to become a doctor. After matriculation, he was admitted in the college at lahore and lived in hostel with number of friends. There was one person lived in the hostel, a tablighi, who approached Moulana Tariq Jameel. He said that on number of times, tariq jameel kick him(tablighi) out of his room. There was a disbaled person also in the hostel who was a namazi and tableegi too. Tariq Jameel sahab inspired by that disabled person how he perform namaz even he lived on fourth floor and come to namaz. At first, he went to three days jamat, after that he continues going with tableeghu jamat. After his four month (teen chillay), he decided to leave the studies(medical) and become an Alim at Raiwand Madrasah. His parents were angy and call him a stupid,idiot to leave the studies and become a moulvi. His father kick him out of the house, and told him never to come to him again. He left his house (1972-75) i guess, and admitted in raiwand Madrasah. Moulana Jamshed Ahmed was his teacher. He spent alomost 10 years in Madrasah and became an Alim. One of his brother is a heart surgeon and one is a zameendaar.Both of his parents died. He is the person behind the change of Saeed Anwar, Junaid Jamshed, Yousuf Youhana, (one actor from film industry,punjabi, I dont remember his name) and many others. He even asked to take over the government by some army generals and leaders of some religious political parties but he refused. As far as I listen his bayans, I think his major rivals are Barailvees. He is respected by all major sunni scholars and even shia scholars too. He build his own Madrasah in Faisalabad.