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17 days ago

Baboon family raid campsite while everyone is asleep and steal food from backpacks

A baboon family raided a campsite while everyone was asleep - to steal food from their backpacks.

Alistair Lyne was visiting Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa, at the start of January when a pair of primates appeared in his campsite.

Hilarious footage shows one of the baboons sat next to a camping chair chomping away on a bread roll.

Another opportunistic primate appeared in between the tents before sprinting away with two pieces of bread dangling out of its mouth.

Alistair said: “Baboons get used to raiding campsites and homes of humans because they get easy access to food and don’t have to forage.

“They caused havoc before anybody woke up, running away with as much food as they could carry.

“Allegedly the equivalent of just one slice of bread is that of up to five hours of foraging in the wild, so you understand why they do it.”