8 months ago

Chloe Kim Is First Woman To Win 2 Olympic Gold Medals in Snowboard Halfpipe Event

The 21-year-old American made history on Feb. 10.
She won the women's snowboard halfpipe Olympic event for the second year in a row.
Her first-run score, 94, was all she needed to win.
"I was dealing with all sorts of emotions [before the contest], but I reminded myself I just have to land one run, and I was so happy to do that." Chloe Kim, via ESPN.
After having the "worst practice of [her] life," Kim dropped into the pipe and soared higher than her competitors, landing difficult tricks like a switch 900 and backside 540.
At the end of her run, she fell to her knees in disbelief of the performance she'd completed, hoping
the judges would agree — and they did.
Five-time Olympian Queralt Castellet of Spain took home the silver, and Japan's Sena Tomita won bronze.
Kim also opened up about her mental health and how she's grown to deal with being a celebrity.
"I'm at a point now where I want to be myself and feel everything I feel and not bottle all my emotions up and explode one day." Chloe Kim, via ESPN.
"Speaking about all of this has brought a lot of calm to my life and a lot of peace, just knowing that I can be myself 24/7 and not have to put on a front." Chloe Kim, via ESPN