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27 hari lalu

Sports Matter: Dissecting Malaysia’s performance at the 19th Asian Games

Sinar Daily
Sinar Daily
To support the Malaysian government and the sports industry, Sinar Daily talks to two seasoned sports journalists Arnaz M. Khairul and Graig Nunis to better understand what Malaysia’s performance in the 19th Asian Games means for the country’s sports landscape and what can be done to improve.

Was Malaysia’s performance at the 19th Asian Games truly a success as touted by the Youth & Sports Ministry? Well, for starters, critics were rather sceptical

The Asian Games, in their view, have fallen short of expectations. While the Ministry defends its approach, emphasizing overall medal counts and reduced pressure on athletes — by way of not setting any gold medal target — critics argue that this political narrative overshadows the true sporting achievements.

A systemic shift is urged to prioritize growth, investment, and more rigorous training methods, emphasizing that pressure is intrinsic to high-performance sports and should not be shunned.

Tune in to the podcast as we dissect the controversial 'success' of the 19th Asian Games and its impact on Malaysian sports with critics weighing in on policies, pressure, and what needs to change.

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