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2013 North India floods

18 days ago

Uttarakhand floods _ extent of damage and change at Devprayag


See the damage done to the famous confluence at Devprayag, where the two mighty streams of the Ganga come together and officially form the Ganga or the Ganges river - the most famous and important river of South Asia!

Whereas prior to the calamitous two days of 15th and 16th June 2013, the rivers flowed down their respective gorges to meet at this temple town, pilgrims descended to the steps of the ghat at the sangam or meeting point and the little temple had brisk visitation, the pillars of the halls held up three layers of havan-worthy plinths and life went on in the little temple town which was accessible from a swinging suspension bridge over the Bhagirathi.

Then on the night of 15th June and throughout the day of 16th June, the rains just kept coming down and didn't let up. Massive amounts of water poured down the rivers, the water levels rose and rose, and the landscape was changed forever! The Alaknanda dashed repeatedly against the hillside and carved out a new course for itself, using large boulders and rocks as ammunition, leaving a tiny island stranded in the middle of its course. Meanwhile, the river level rose so much on a permanent basis, that even weeks after the flood, the ghats and the lower plinths have all gone underwater, and the water level now laps at the pillars of the upper-most platform, almost touching the temple itself... Before long, all these structures would have disappeared, when the next big flood comes in, and there will be more. Such is the young and brash nature of the Himalaya and an eco-system that is both emperilled and in flux.

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