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Michael B. Jordan

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Michael B. Jordan's I Am Legend 2 Is Going To Retcon The Will Smith Original, And It's The Sequel's Best Move So Far

Cinema Blend
Cinema Blend
Making a sequel to Will Smith’s "I Am Legend" felt like a prospect for disaster considering his character, Dr. Robert Neville, dies at the end. The Francis Lawrence-directed adaptation of Richard Matheson’s chilling novella made some huge choices in its theatrical ending that made a sequel almost impossible. However, thanks to the decision to retcon the original movie’s events, this Michael B. Jordan starring legacy-quel has made its best move so far.

I don’t say that solely on the basis that "I Am Legend’s" “controversial” alternate ending is the superior chain of events. In addition to feeling that way, there are also some practical reasons this decision had to be made. Before we dive too deeply into that discussion though, let’s refresh ourselves on the theatrical ending and how the alternative being made canon opens some crucial doors.