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last year

Cyber-Goth to Insta Glam - Will My Brother Recognise Me? | TRANSFORMED

WITH her shaved eyebrow and all-black attire, Izzy Torr finds it difficult to blend in with her conservative Essex hometown. The 18-year-old fine arts student from Chelmsford, UK, describes her style - influenced by her love for heavy metal music - as a combination of cybergoth and 80s trad goth fashion. Izzy told Truly: "It started from the moment when I shaved the ends of my eyebrows off. Once I did that, I never went back." As she fell in love with the alternative culture, Izzy became more creative with her makeup and filled her wardrobe with gothic clothing. She added: "And then slowly the black clothes came. The boots got more and more platformed and extreme." Izzy's unique fashion is often judged by her classmates at her college where most girls like to wear trendy clothes. Although she feels confident in her original style, Izzy has decided to try mainstream for once and undergo a transformation with an Instagram glam look. How will Izzy react when she sees herself in a style reminiscent of girls at her college?
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