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Kevin Love

vor 14 Tagen

Kevin Love beefed with Kelly Olynyk over a bad injury

SB Nation
SB Nation
You can't blame Kevin Love for beefing with Kelly Olynyk. In a tie-up with Olynyk the guy's shoulder was forcibly removed from its socket. You can't blame Love for anything he said at that moment. Love could have said he was better than Michael Jordan and we would have been like "I know Sweetie, just try to calm down."

But that's not what he said. Instead, probably less than an hour after the injury, Love said Olynyk hurt him on purpose. And nobody blamed Love for being so blunt or aggressive or accusatory. In fact, everyone believed him. And never ever doubted him. Much to Olynyk's disappointment.

Enjoy your beef.

Written and produced by: Clara Morris
Directed and edited by: Jiazhen Zhang
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