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Netflix’s 'Freeridge' Cast Opens Up About The Moments They Truly Felt Connected To Their Characters While Filming The On My Block Spinoff

Cinema Blend
Cinema Blend
Netflix's Freeridge cast interview.
Comedy drama which takes place in the titular town, like its predecessor, but focuses on a new group of teens who get wrapped up in a kooky mystery involving a cursed box. These new kids on the block are incredibly delightful as are the stars who play them. The actors opened up about the moments when they truly felt connected to their characters while filming Season 1.

Fans became quite attached to Monsé, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar over the course of On My Block’s four seasons, and they’re sorely missed. But viewers are sure to love Freeridge’s Gloria, Ines, Demi and Cameron once they get to know them. I had the opportunity to speak to the cast and asked the group about filming the first season and when they truly felt in sync with their roles amid production. Keyla Monterroso Mejia, who plays headstrong leader Gloria, answered by recalling a subtle scene that also features her co-star and on-screen sister, Bryana Salaz.
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