Haroon Ur Rasheed official

Official YouTube Channel of Haroon ur Rasheed.
He is a well known analyst and columnist. Currently, he is working with 92NewsHD.
His analysis of important national issues can be seen on Dunya News Program Think Tank and other news channels on famous talk shows like Capital Talk, Off the Record, In Session, Policy Matters, Islamabad Today and others.
http://haroonurrasheed.com/ will show analysis of Haroon ur Rasheed on important events as they happen. This web portal will help publish views about news and events other than columns that are published in Dunya & 92NewsHD newspapers.

Avery important and basic idea behind the creation of this website is to take feedback from users and to allow them to ask questions from Haroon ur Rasheed. Hopefully, it will create awareness. The intention for doing this effort is to speak and show the truth to the people who love Pakistan and who want to know the realities.